UK: Samsung Galaxy S Advance will also be sold by T-Mobile and O2

After Three recently announced that it would be soon offering the Samsung Galaxy S Advance to its customers, two more UK operators have stepped up and revealed plans to sell the newest Samsung Android-powered smartphone.

Both T-Mobile and O2 will feature the curvy Galaxy S Advance sometime in the future. Unfortunately though, neither company gave any further details, so for now it’s ‘wait and see’. Still, if your operator is either Three, T-Mobile, or O2, and you’d like to purchase a Galaxy S Advance when it becomes available, at least you now know for sure that you’ll be able to get it subsidized (read:free).

If on the other hand you loathe long-term contracts, know that the Samsung Galaxy S Advance can now be pre-ordered in SIM-free and unlocked form at Clove as well. A couple of days ago we told you that MobileFun started taking pre-orders, and Clove is a bit more expensive asking for £354 for the device (compared to £349.95).

The fact that it’s starting to pop up at more and more retailers can only mean that we’re nearing the launch of the Galaxy S Advance, so be ready.

Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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