Android 4 ICS updates coming to Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note from March 1st

Good news for Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note owners.

According to Eldar Murtazin, Samsung has almost finished tweaking its own Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich version and TouchWiz interface. And will start rolling out the updates for Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note on the first day of March. The handsets can be updated over the air or via Samsung’s Kies software.

Most of you probably won’t get ICS on your Galaxy that early, since it will be your mobile operator who decides when it is ready to deploy the update. It will take until May with many carriers, and, if history is any guide, may be even longer for U.S. Galaxy versions.

Still – if you have Samsung flagship smartphone, you should get Android 4 much earlier then your friends carrying phones from other brands.

Wonder how Samsung was able to leapfrog its rivals and get the Ice Cream Sandwich a month or more ahead of them? It’s because of the Galaxy Nexus.

When Google selects vendor to make Nexus with the next generation of Android, he gets the access to the operating system code under development. And can start tweaking it’s own branded device and customized apps in parallel. Everyone else has to wait until Google finishes its work, and makes the next generation Android available publicly.

The early access to Android code usually allows Nexus device maker to ship next generation OS updates, and next generation devices, weeks ahead of rivals. That’s how in 2010 HTC was able to release Desire, Droid Incredible and EVO Android 2.0 smartphones weeks before Samsung got its first Galaxy S ready. And that’s why this time HTC will start updating its smartphones about a month later then Sammy.

And that is why I think Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first branded Android 4.0 smartphone to ship. Even if others will announce their own ICS smartphones first.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Shravan

    Awesome news.. Eagerly waiting for this update soon…

  • Qnap100

    I need android 4.0

  • Prabodh Bhatt

    any particular date for ICS on note ?  actually I am on hold, I want to buy Note with ICS