Unlocked white Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available for $659.50

The white Samsung Galaxy Nexus that’s supposed to go on sale in the UK this coming Monday appears to already be available in the US. Though if you were thinking about getting it in subsidized form from Verizon, you’ll be disappointed.

Negri Electronics is the retailer where you can find the white Galaxy Nexus, but it’s an unlocked international model (i9250). However, because this SKU has pentaband 3G/HSPA, it will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile with HSPA+ connectivity (because it’s not an LTE device, it can’t connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, but will work just fine on that carrier’s HSPA 4G network). Working on T-Mobile is pretty rare for unlocked devices, so those of you who’ve chosen the magenta carrier over any other company should be happy.

Which is probably completely different from the feeling you’ll have once you find out the price you’ll have to pay for this white GNex: not one penny less than $659.50.

Crazy, right? On the other hand, you won’t be tied down by any long-term contracts, and you’ll be among the first people in North America to sport the white version of this superphone. If that makes you interested, go to Negri Electronics now and order yours.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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