Nokia Lumia 730 to be launched soon with 8 MP camera, LTE, and Windows Phone Tango, rumor says

Nokia’s scheduled a press conference on the first day of the Mobile World Congress (see out event calendar for more). That’s when it may apparently announce a brand new Windows Phone, the rumor du jour has it.

The new device will probably be called Lumia 730, adding a new level of affordability to the Lumia line, but not compromising on features too much. It won’t have a ClearBlack display, or the ‘polycarbonate’ casing of the Lumia 800, but will come with an 8 MP camera unlike the Lumia 710. The camera unit may be an Extended depth of field one, similar to that used in the Nokia E7.

The Lumia 730 will support both CDMA and LTE alongside ‘plain’ GSM/HSPA, which means it may be launched in the US by Verizon. Nothing’s sure for now, though. It will run Windows Phone Tango, the next version of Microsoft’s newest mobile operating system. Tango is rumored to bring support for lower-end hardware, although that doesn’t seem to be needed here.

The Lumia 730 will come with capacitive Windows keys, unlike the Lumia 710 which went with physical buttons instead. It will apparently be a little bit thicker than the Lumia 710, sporting a curved back cover. Price-wise, the Lumia 730 should be similar to the Lumia 710. The Lumia 730 will be focused on the European market.

Do take all of this with a grain of salt, though, for it has ‘unverified rumor’ status for now. Still, we’re bound to find out what the truth is in just two weeks.

Via WPDang Via LiveSide

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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