Nokia Lumia 800 shows up in green and red in an ad

Back in December of last year, we told you that Nokia might release more color variations for the Lumia 800 this year. And sure enough, the white one has materialized so far. But it looks like white isn’t the only new hue to join the originally announced black, cyan, and magenta.

Spotted in an ad over on YouTube was a Nokia Lumia 800 lineup carrying the black, cyan, and fuchsia (magenta) models, alongside a red and a green Lumia 800. This green may be the one labeled ‘yellow’ last year, for with Nokia’s newly found bright colors things are a bit vague sometimes.

The ad is for a Bluetooth headset, and it doesn’t tell us anything except that these color variations probably exist in a Nokia lab somewhere. It stands to reason that they’ll be launched soon, but we don’t yet know when or where. We’ll keep you posted though.

Via Unleash The Phones

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Clinton Jeff

    Vlad, we at were the original source of this. Not symbiantweet.