Apple reportedly ordered 65 to 70 million iPad 3 panels

Since the first iPad and the iPad 2 have been hugely successful, Apple certainly has high expectations when it comes to its third-generation iOS tablet, most likely called iPad 3.

According to China Times, which quotes an undisclosed Korean publication, Apple has ordered 65 to 70 million iPad 3 panels from Samsung and LG Display, and expects to ship that many new tablets this year.

As rumored countless times until now, the new iPad should come with a 10 inch display with 2048 x 1536 pixels, a quad-core processor, and iOS 5.1. The tablet could be officially announced in early March. It remains to be seen if its design has been substantially changed or not.

In 2011, Apple sold about 40 million iPads. If it manages to sell 70 million units of the new model this year, it will most likely double the number of total iPads sold (since the iPad 2 will probably still be on sale, for a lower price, after the new model hits the market).

Author: Florin

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  • $490AShareIsRejuvenating!}:-D

    Those numbers are positively unreal.  Does Apple really expect to sell that many iPad 3s or iPad HDs in a single year?  Yikes.  The competition is going to have a fit.  It was claimed that the Kindle Fire was cutting into iPad sale, but from the looks of this order, maybe the Fire wasn’t hurting the iPad 2 as much as was claimed.  I sure hope this rumor is true and that Apple really can sell that many new iPads alongside the older model iPads.  And to think there were so many tech critics that said the iPad would be a huge sales failure and not appeal to consumers at all.  Jeez, what were these tech critics thinking.  I guess they just don’t understand how consumers think when it comes to practical use of a device.

  • Jason Howard

    I think trust the unmber, which sounds unreal. However, I am still looking forward to the iPad 3, I have been preparing to buy it for a long time. Now, I am still awaiting.