UK: HTC Evo 3D can now be yours for just £229

The HTC Evo 3D went from being one of the most expensive Android phones ever launched to becoming a very affordable offering in just a few months, at least in the UK. We don’t know whether these successive price drops that keep going on and on have anything to do with how well it is (or rather, isn’t) selling, but we can only welcome slashed prices.

Last we saw it being sold unlocked and SIM-free in the UK, the Evo 3D was going for a very reasonable £249.99. Yet if even that was too much for you to pay for this smartphone, good news! It’s seen a further price reduction, and can now be had for as little as £229. Again, SIM-free, and unlocked. That’s quite a deal.

ASDA is the place where you can take advantage of it. And remember, when it was launched, the Evo 3D was priced at £534. You do the math.

Yes, if you ever wanted to dabble into this whole ‘3D on phones’ thing but kept holding back because of the rather insane pricing they had, perhaps now’s the time to reconsider. Instead of getting a midrange Android smartphone, for the same price you could get an Evo 3D.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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