LG Optimus Net now available at O2 UK, free from £10.50 per month, £129.99 on PAYG

The LG Optimus Net was announced all the way back in July last year, as a successor of sorts to the LG Optimus One (though it has very similar specs to the phone it’s supposed to replace on the market). However, it’s only now that it’s made its way to O2 in the UK, with the operator offering it on monthly plans as well as Pay as you go.

If you want to sign a two-year contract with O2 and get the Optimus Net for free, you’ll need to shell out a minimum of £10.50 per month. For that amount of dough, you’ll be getting 50 minutes and 250 texts each month. The monthly plans go all the way up to £51 per month (in which case you get unlimited talk and text). 100 MB of data is £3 per month, for 500 MB you’ll need to pay £6, and 1 GB costs £10 every month.

But if you’d rather not sign a contract with O2, you can still get the LG Optimus Net – on Pay as you go, for £129.99 upfront.

If you’re interested in picking up an Optimus Net, go to O2 now.

Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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