Quad-core HTC Endeavor may end up being sold as the HTC One X

Oh my.

First, the history. HTC will obviously announce a new flagship Android smartphone during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of this month. This device has started its life bearing the codename Edge, which then got changed to Endeavor not long ago. However, it will end up being sold under neither of these names.

Last we heard anything about this, the HTC Endeavor was going to be known to the masses as the HTC Supreme. Yet PocketNow says that has changed. And while HTC may still use the name Supreme for retail branding for an Android smartphone, it may be the dual-core Ville – but definitely not the Endeavor.

So what will the Endeavor’s street name be? HTC One X. With the X being placed as superscript above the word “One”. Yep.

Well, at least it won’t be the One S. Looks like phone makers have discovered a brand new letter to suffix to every possible brand name. X is the new black (sorry, S). Nice going, HTC.

Suffice to say we’re hoping this turns out to have been wrong. Then again, at least it’s short (compared to, say, the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch).

Still, are there no creative people left in the mobile industry? Or are all of those who are supposed to be creative actually baristas?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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