Unlocked unannounced white Nokia Lumia 900 now up for pre-order for $649.50

The not yet officially announced white version of the Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T is now up for pre-order in unlocked form. The price being asked for the smartphone is $649.50, and despite being unlocked it is tuned for AT&T’s network. It will work on T-Mobile, but only on EDGE. And it will work in most countries outside of the US, complete with HSPA+ support. But inside the US, if you want to take full advantage of LTE and HSPA+, you’ll need to use this device on AT&T.

Which makes buying it unlocked pretty pointless. But hey, if you want to… then head over to Negri Electronics, which is the place where you can place a pre-order right now. Unfortunately, no release time frame is given, so it might be a while before it arrives in your grubby mitts.

While not being officially acknowledged by Nokia, the white Lumia 900 was kind of leaked by Nokia itself about a week ago, so we’re pretty certain that it is on the way. As for the when, March 18 is when AT&T is said to start sales of the Lumia 900, so perhaps it will have it in white on that day too. We’ll see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Not everybody cares all that much about taking full advantage of LTE and HSPA+.