Rumor: Android Jelly Bean to be launched by Google in Q2. Is it Android 5.0?

We first heard about Android Jelly Bean back in September. This is supposed to be the name of Google’s next major iteration of Android, after Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, introduced in October 2011.

While the big G hasn’t confirmed anything regarding Jelly Bean, DigiTimes is now reporting that it might be launched in the second quarter of this year (hence in June the latest) as Android 5.0.

Since Google I/O 2012 will be held between June 27 and June 29, we could indeed see a refreshed version of Android released that month. But June is probably too early for Android 5.0 – it doesn’t make sense for such a major update to come this soon, since Motorola, HTC, Samsung and all the others will still struggle to push Android 4.0 ICS updates to some of their devices at that time. So maybe Android Jelly Bean is just an improvement to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.1, Android 4.2, who knows?

One of the interesting things in DigiTimes’ article is this: unnamed Taiwan-based supply chain makers are reportedly saying that Google plans to “appeal for adopting Android 5.0 and Windows 8 in the same tablet PC.” It remains to be seen how (or if) this will be possible, since Windows 8 “ARM-based tablet users won’t be able to deactivate secure booting and (therefore) install another operating system” – according to Engadget.

A dual-boot Android / Windows 8 tablet would be of interest to customers who want both experiences, but don’t have the money for two tablets. Anyway, let’s consider this just a wild rumor for now.

Author: Florin

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