Orange London on its way with 1.6 GHz Intel processor, 4″ screen and 8 MP camera?

In the mobile world, one is often confronted with crazy rumors. And then there’s something like this. Not impossible at all, not even improbable, very much plausible, but at the same time it could all be a hoax. We just can’t be sure at this point. So that’s the disclaimer.

Orange UK is known for (among other things, of course) selling plenty of own-brand mobile devices, such as phones, smartphones, and tablets. Most of these own-brand offerings are made either by Huawei or ZTE, and they’re all very cheap considering the features packed in. They’re also all bearing names of cities.

So apparently the colored network is on the verge of launching yet another of these things, which will be called the London by Orange (but we’ll refer to it as the Orange London so we don’t lose our sanity). The Orange London’s existence was leaked today by a reader to Coolsmartphone. That person claims he’s a regular taker of Orange surveys, and the latest of those happened to be about this upcoming phone and nothing else.

At the end of the survey he got the image you see above. Is that the Orange London? Will it be one of the first smartphones to run on Intel’s new Medfield mobile platform? If so, this could end up being the first Intel smartphone to launch outside of China, where Lenovo plans to sell its K800, the absolute first Medfield device.

Speaking of that, will Lenovo make the London? Orange has used Lenovo’s fellow Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE up until now for its own-brand offerings, but as far as we can tell, none of those guys has an agreement with Intel for producing Medfield-based offerings (at least not yet). In fact, the only two companies that have so far proudly announced that they’ll be working on mobile devices with Intel tech inside are Motorola and Lenovo. The latter of those being more likely to supply Orange with a ‘value’ product, we assume.

Anyway, according to the leaked information, the Orange London will have a 4.03-inch touchscreen with Gorilla Glass, a 1.6 GHz Intel processor, 16 GB of built-in storage space, and an 8 MP camera with 1080p full HD video recording support which “lets you capture up to 10 photos in less than a second” and has “the best ever phone camera stabilizer”. There’s no information about which operating system is on board, but those four Android buttons seen on the front of the phone’s render probably mean that this will run Google’s OS. After all, Intel has been working to optimize Medfield for Android in the past few months, so that certainly makes sense.

Orange claims that the Intel processor makes the London ‘exceptional’, and brings it the highest browsing speeds compared to any other phone in the world. At this point, the skeptics among us will quickly demand to know how long the London’s battery will last while said browsing is happening. But we don’t know that yet.

In fact, everything we know about the Orange London – you’ve just read. Hopefully you did have some sodium handy nearby while you were doing that. We are hoping that this is real, and that the first Intel-powered smartphone to hit the UK will be quite affordable too. But we’ll see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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