Cheaper 8 GB Nook Tablet will be available on February 22 to compete with the Kindle Fire

The Nook Tablet by Barnes and Noble is probably the main competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire right now. It’s also Android-based, it’s about the same size, and it’s similarly priced. Similarly, it turns out, means “a little bit more expensive” right now. The Nook Tablet’s been selling for $249, $50 more than Amazon’s offering.

That $50, while not being much in absolute terms, is a while lot percentage-wise, and may be why the Nook Tablet hasn’t been more successful to date. At least that’s what the folks at B&N seem to think, since they’re getting ready to launch an 8 GB version of their tablet. The currently-shipping Nook comes with 16 GB of storage space, and this new model with half that should get a nice price cut as a result of the decrease in space.

We don’t know for sure how much it will cost, but we’re willing to bet that B&N will match Amazon’s $199 price. Anyway, we’ll know for sure in two days, since the new Nook Tablet will be released on February 22, according to a leaked document sent to The Verge (seen below).

Although this isn’t specifically mentioned in the document, we’re assuming that everything else about this Nook Tablet will be identical to its 16 GB sibling.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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