Prada Phone by LG 3.0 now available at T-Mobile UK, free from £36 per month

After having become available SIM-free, the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 can now also be bought from T-Mobile UK with various long-term contracts. We’ve known that the magenta operator would be selling the new Prada Phone ever since last month.

The cheapest contract that gets you the phone for free costs £36 per month and brings you 2,000 minutes and unlimited calls to T-Mobile numbers, unlimited texts and unlimited data. If you guessed that this was one of T-Mobile’s rather new Full Monty plans, you guessed right. The Prada Phone by LG 3.0 is also available with the fully unlimited £41 per month Full Monty option, which also contains unlimited calls outside the T-Mobile network.

The cheapest contract on which you can get the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 costs £11 per month and comes with 50 minutes, 250 texts, and 100 MB of data. But you’ll have to pay £250 for the handset upfront.

There are many other options, so make sure you choose wisely when you arrive at T-Mobile for your Prada hardware needs.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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