Samsung Galaxy S III to be unveiled on March 15?

After it became clear that Samsung doesn’t intend to unveil the Galaxy S III during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, we were left wondering as to when the Korean company would show us its flagship smartphone for this year.

There have been mumblings here and there about an announcement in March, perhaps at a March 22 event, but that got denied by Samsung. However, March may still be the month when Samsung’s Galaxy S III will be shown to the world.

Samsung Benelux has started sending invites to a March 15 event in Amsterdam. The invite (seen above) clearly mentions that the company’s 2012 lineup will be showcased during that event. And there are no other details, the illustration itself being quite vague.

So will the Samsung Galaxy S III be shown on March 15 in Amsterdam? Maybe. Will it be announced there? Perhaps, but doubtful. If this was the big event where the Galaxy S III will be introduced, we’d expect Samsung’s global communications people to be issuing the invites, and not its Benelux arm. Then again, maybe the Benelux folks just got anxious and started sending their invites early. Or the Benelux division will just show the Galaxy S III for the press folk over there after it’s already been ‘globally’ announced elsewhere.

Also worth keeping in mind is that Samsung is a huge company and this may not be about phones at all. There’s nothing on that invite to suggest it is about phones, so what if it isn’t?

So the caveats are out of the way now. And all we can do is wait. Maybe Samsung will soon deny that this has anything to do with the Galaxy S III either, just like the previously rumored date. Or maybe it won’t and it does. But if this will be where the Galaxy S III arrives, it’s rather odd that it’s coming so close after MWC. When it let us know that the new superphone wouldn’t be unveiled during MWC, Samsung said it wanted to announce it closer to its actual release date, which is nice and all – but two weeks closer isn’t that big of a difference. So maybe the Korean company just wanted to have its own event, with its announcements not getting lost in a sea of other MWC stuff. Or maybe the Galaxy S III unveiling will come later than mid-March.

Via SamMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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