UK: Original Orange San Francisco now just £62.99

The Orange San Francisco is the original own-brand budget Android smartphone that the UK operator started selling way back, with great success thanks to the handset’s excellent price per features ratio. The San Francisco is getting a bit old nowdays, it even has a successor already on the market. But if the minor hardware upgrade and the software update that came with it simply don’t interest you, and you think that even £100 or so is too much for a decent Android smartphone, then we’ve got good news.

The original San Francisco can now be had for just £62.99 at Argos. The retailer has both the white version (which costs that much) as well as the black one, which strangely is £1 more at £63.99. Regardless of that, these are the best prices at which the San Francisco has ever been sold, so if you’re looking for a bargain, this may be it.

Though you do have to ignore the positively ancient Android version the phone is running (2.2), and the fact that its hardware is becoming quite underpowered in today’s world filled with dual-core smartphones. If you’re interested in the cheap San Francisco, go to Argos now and get one.

Via Phone Apocalypse Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Justweboffers

    The original Orange SF can be rooted & loaded with a brand new “hot” ROM is under 10 minutes, making it a cracking phone!