New Samsung Zipel oven can be controlled with an Android app

The future is here. In its native Korea, Samsung has just launched a new Zipel oven, the MC368GAAW5A. Impossible string of seemingly random numbers and letters aside, this is a unique offering because it can be controlled with a smartphone app.

Yes, you read that right. So now you know that we haven’t changed Unwired View’s focus and decided to write about home appliances. But when home appliance meets smartphone, we notice.

And the new Zipel ceramic oven allows you to choose from 160 different kinds of dishes – on your smartphone, via an app. What you’ve chosen is then sent to the oven via Wi-Fi, and it does its thing. Of course you’ll need a Wi-Fi router in your home to use this, and Samsung says that the necessary app is so far only optimized for Android smartphones with 800×480 resolution touchscreens.

Oh, and you probably need to be in Korea to get your hands on this oven. Caveats aside, this shows us how smart and connected all our appliances should become – and fast. Mobile technology has evolved incredibly over the past few years, but our household appliances have basically been the same for ages. Time for them to grow up then. We’re looking forward to seeing more manufacturers connect appliances to smartphones and tablets, yet Samsung is in a rather unique position here since it actually makes all of these things itself.

Aside from this appy madness, the new Zipel oven can also talk to you, let you know how many calories the food you’re preparing has (and how much it weighs), it can be easily cleaned, and it saves you quite a lot in electricity bills. So start drooling and start hoping that this will make its way to avenues outside Korea some day.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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