LG T385 Wi-Fi and dual SIM LG T375 coming soon

The handsets presented by LG at MWC this year are all running Android, with just one exception: the LG T385 Wi-Fi.

The T385 is a small entry-level touchscreen phone that provides a “smartphone look” – although, of course, it’s not a smartphone. It features a 3.2 inch QVGA display, Wi-Fi, GSM / EDGE connectivity, social networking integration, push email, 3.5mm headset jack, 2MP rear camera, MicroSD card support (up to 16GB), and a nice “patterned” back cover.

The T385 will have a dual SIM version, called LG T375. The T375 is exactly the same device, it just lets you use two SIM cards simultaneously. You can see an official video preview of the T375 below:

The LG T385 Wi-Fi and LG T375 should be released starting March. There’s no word on their prices, but about $150 for each is probably a good guess.

Author: Florin

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