Samsung expands Android apps to control air conditioners, cleaning robots, and washing machines

If you thought that Samsung’s new smartphone-controlled Zipel oven that we showed you last month was cool – rejoice! You’re now able to control even more appliances with your smartphone. Though only if you’re in Korea, for the time being.

Samsung has announced that it is expanding its apps for appliances to air conditioners, washing machines, and vacuum cleaning robots. That’s in addition to the Zipel oven as well as an app-controlled refrigerator launched last year.

To achieve this unprecedented connectivity, all the appliances are connected to your home network (and the Internet at large) via Wi-Fi.

The Smart Refrigerator app shows you the current temperature in the fridge and freezer, allows you to change it, and also tells you how much shelf life your food has left in it – so you know when it’s time to buy something new and fresh.

The Smart Washing Machine app lets you know how much longer the washing program still has to run for, and also comes with ‘rapid fault diagnosis’ built in – so basically your washing machine will let you know if something’s wrong, and what that is. Although Samsung doesn’t explicitly say it, we assume that this app also lets you set the desired program, and make it start (or finish) at a certain time.

The Smart Air Con app gives you information about the current temperature, as well as air quality. You can control the appliance even if you are away from home, perhaps choosing or changing the desired temperature and operation mode according to weather data.

The cleaning robot app lets you control it from a distance, and you’ll even see what it sees, in real-time, through the built-in camera, right on your smartphone.

Samsung Electronics’ VP of Household Appliances has said that “smart appliances will continue to advance in the future”, which is hardly surprising. Conceivably the next-gen appliances will be able to ‘talk’ to each other in addition to being remotely accessible to you via your smartphone or tablet.

Samsung does plan for iOS compatibility for at least some of its smart appliance apps, while Android understandably is and will be the ‘main’ platform for them at this time.

Again, we can’t stress enough how anxious we are to see these apps and appliances make it to anywhere else outside of Korea. Which they probably inevitably will in the future… but the wait is killing us.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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