Apple will launch the iPad HD tomorrow, not iPad 3

Tomorrow’s the big day if you’re an Apple fan. Or if you just like tablets. The Cupertino company will announce its newest tablet, one that has been referred to in countless rumors over the past few months as the iPad 3.

Although apparently that won’t be what it will end up being called. Similarly to how Apple launched the iPhone 4S last year and not an iPhone 5 that was on everyone’s lips (and in everybody’s imagination), Apple’s new tablet will be called iPad HD.

This information comes courtesy of three different sources, via three different publications – Mashable, CNET, and VentureBeat. All of them claim that the respective sources have been very reliable in the past. We have no reason to doubt this information, especially because we’re so close to the unveiling of Apple’s new iPad.

That said, the iPad HD name has been first rumored in July 2011, believe it or not. Although since then iPad 3 took over as the preferred name in the rumors. Apple seems to think that the Retina Display in the new tablet is so important that it deserves to be featured right in the new iPad’s name. That may mean that aside from the new screen resolution not much will be changed compared to the iPad 2 (just like the iPhone 4S is so similar to the iPhone 4).

We have in the past heard that the iPad HD would come with a quad-core processor (or perhaps an improved dual-core part), better cameras, and support for Siri. Those are still possible, of course (with Siri being pretty much a given, we’d say), but you should also brace yourselves for the possibility that the screen really is the only new thing.

In about 27 hours, we’ll know for sure.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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