HTC Triumph (a rebranded Titan) to be China’s first Windows Phone, available on March 14

The first Windows Phone to be officially launched in China won’t be a Nokia, nor a ZTE. That’s despite efforts (and promises) from both of those companies that they would bring Microsoft’s newest mobile OS to the mainland.

No, it’s going to be HTC who’ll first have a Windows Phone on the market in China, according to WPDang. The HTC Triumph will become available on March 14, and pre-orders are already on the way.

The HTC Triumph isn’t an entirely new device despite its new name, it’s basically just a rebranded HTC Titan. It will run Windows Phone Tango, thus possibly also becoming the first WP Tango device to be released.

Unfortunately though, it won’t be cheap. That’s to be expected with that huge screen, at least to a point. The Triumph will retail for 4,399 yuan (which amounts to approximately $698 or €530). So it remains to be seen whether the Chinese will have such a huge appetite for WP that they’ll line up to pay that much for a device from last year.

While HTC will be the first to bring a Windows Phone to the Chinese market, it probably won’t be the cheapest. Both Nokia’s Lumia 800 and ZTE’s upcoming offerings are expected to be cheaper, and Nokia’s will also probably be carrier subsidized, unlike the Triumph.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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