iPad HD (iPad 3) rumored to be in stores on March 16, may support LTE

Since the new iPad will be unveiled in less than 24 hours, understandably the rumors regarding Apple’s newest tablet are multiplying at a very fast pace. Earlier today we told you that Apple may sell its new device under the name iPad HD, and not iPad 3 like the rumor mill has thought for the past few months.

But what if you’re wondering when exactly you’ll be able to purchase a new iPad? Well, the most recent rumor says that will happen on March 16. This reportedly comes from an Apple employee who spoke to 9to5Mac and gave the date. Apparently, that’s also in line with the iPad 2 launch, in a way – since that in-store release also happened exactly 9 days after the announcement.

Interestingly, March 16 is also when an Apple store will be opened at Harrod’s in London, and another one in Houston, Texas.

A subsequent Apple product launch should happen a week later, but it’s unclear what that could be. Possibly a new Apple TV. Or maybe it’s when the new iPad will make it to even more international markets.

We do think you need a grain of salt nearby for this one, yet a really small quantity should do. This close to the announcement, the rumors usually get more, not less accurate.

The iPad HD may even have 4G LTE support after all. This is one feature that has been rumored time and time again, yet it didn’t make it to all supposedly leaked info we received about the next iPad. Now Reuters says it has a source ‘familiar with the product’ who claims it will indeed launch with LTE connectivity support.

If this happens, it might help 4G LTE reach the US mainstream quicker, of course. Since LTE is a lot faster (and has a lot lower latencies) than 3G, video consumption over the mobile connection may boom once this LTE-enabled iPad ships.

Or if. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but do note that Apple has never jumped on the bandwagon for a new technology very fast. It always waited for it to mature first, letting all the other manufacturers essentially be its ‘beta testers’. And LTE doesn’t seem like it has put puberty behind it just yet.

That said, Verizon has started teasing that “Something is Coming” earlier today. The carrier cleverly doesn’t say what exactly, or give even the slightest hint, but the timing is odd if this isn’t somehow about the iPad HD. Since Verizon has so far been LTE’s biggest proponent in the US, perhaps it’s getting ready to offer a subsidized LTE iPad HD.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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