AT&T HTC Titan now just $0.01 with contract. Making way for the Titan II?

The HTC Titan was launched by AT&T last year and it’s part of the ‘second wave’ of Windows Phones – those released about one year after the first batch. Like the other Windows Phones, the Titan runs WP Mango, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s new mobile OS.

When it arrived in AT&T stores in November, the HTC Titan went for $199.99 with a new two-year contract, the pretty much standard pricing for a smartphone. But if you’ve craved one and for some reason still haven’t managed to purchase a Titan to this day, here’s some good news.

The carrier has cut its price all the way down to $0.01 – so practically free. You’ll still need to sign a new two-year service agreement though to benefit from that pricing. So if you’re into Windows Phone and like gigantic smartphones, go to AT&T and get an HTC Titan right now.

This move may have something to do with the rumored release of the HTC Titan II on March 18 – which is quickly approaching. Even if that won’t turn out to be the date, AT&T will launch that superphone at some point in the near future anyway, so it would make sense for the carrier to slowly get rid of any existing stock of the original Titan. Yes, this means the Titan will probably be discontinued soon – one more reason to go and get one now if you’d like to.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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