Newest iPad HD/iPad 3 rumors claim dual-core A5X CPU, more RAM, LTE for both Verizon and AT&T

OK folks, here we are three hours before Apple kicks off its announcement of the newest iPad. It may be called iPad 3 or iPad HD, we’ll go with the latter for this post but the truth is nobody knows exactly what Apple will choose. There have been rumors claiming both names will be the retail ones, so make of that what you wish.

What we have for you now is a roundup of the latest rumors about the iPad HD. Contrary to many previous claims, it apparently won’t have a quad-core A6 processor, but an improved version of Apple’s A5 dual-core part. This will be called A5X and will come with a much better graphics coprocessor that will be able to handle the huge amount of pixels in that new 2048×1536 Retina Display.

This is an iPad 2, not an iPad HD/iPad 3

The quad-core A6 is real though, but will only make its debut in the next-gen iPhone 5 later this year, “sources familiar with the matter” have said.

The good news for multitaskers is that the new iPad will also ship with more RAM than its predecessors, which we’re guessing means 1 GB. That will also be needed in order to render graphics on the high-res screen, so it makes plenty of sense.

The fact that the iPad HD will support LTE connectivity is ‘confirmed’ yet again. Furthermore, there will be two LTE-enabled versions of the tablet, one for Verizon’s flavor and the other for AT&T’s. In addition, there will be an internationally-sold 3G/HSPA model as well as a dual-mode HSPA/CDMA offering, perhaps for Sprint in the US.

Apparently plain-clothes Verizon employees have started showing up at Apple stores and installing 4G LTE connectivity (small repeater antennas probably). That’s needed for Apple to be able to properly demo the LTE speed when people line up to buy the new iPad.

Finally, the iPad HD could be sold alongside the iPad 2, which should therefore receive a price cut.

Via The Verge, AppleInsider, Cult of Mac

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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