Nokia strives to make what Liquipel already offers: waterproof phones

The folks over at the Nokia Research Center in Cambridge are currently working to make all of Nokia’s future phones waterproof. They’re relying on nanotechnology to create superhydrophobic coatings that unnoticeably dress a device to make sure liquid doesn’t really touch its surface, even though they seemingly make contact.

Nokia has already demonstrated the technology, showing liquid literally bouncing off a surface treated with a superhydrophobic coating (see the video below). However, at the current state, the coating doesn’t guarantee that your phone is completely waterproof. But “it will improve the water resistance, fingerprint resistance and antireflection properties of the device,” and Nokia says it’s “pretty close” to “perfecting a robust exterior superhydrophobic coating.”

I’m not sure exactly how, but US-based company Liquipel has already figured out the mysteries of waterproofing, and can currently make you handset totally waterproof for $59. Like Nokia, Liquipel also uses nanotechnology, but it dresses your device both on the outside and on the inside with a super-thin (as in unnoticeable), water-repellant coating that reportedly lasts forever.

So it seems that Nokia’s is a bit behind from this point of view. Anyway, you can (and should) watch the video below to see what Nokia has done so far. More details are available at Nokia Conversations.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    You provided a link to the Nokia Conversations article…but did you even read it?  A superhydrophobic coating that can withstand EXTERIOR wear and tear to a much greater extent than what is currently offered on the market.  That’s the difference.

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  • Florin

    Huh. Liquipel says their coating lasts forever, which can
    only mean one thing: it withstands exterior wear and tear, forever. So I don’t see how and why Nokia’s solution would make for a better coating.