Samsung Galaxy S Advance gets delayed in the UK, will be out at the end of this month

The Samsung Galaxy S Advance isn’t as preposterously priced in the UK as it is in Germany. The device, announced in late January, was supposed to be available in February, but it has since been delayed. Not once, it turns out – but twice. Today’s unfortunately when we got news about the latest delay.

So if you’re in the UK and are waiting to get your hands on the Galaxy S Advance, you’ll still have to wait until the week commencing on March 26. That’s when the latest estimates, courtesy of online retailer Clove, say the smartphone will finally be shipping.

The Galaxy S Advance is about €70 cheaper in the UK than in Germany, considering Clove’s SIM-free price of £354, but that still doesn’t make it a bargain unfortunately. So if you want to get this, you’ll probably do it more to brag that you have the latest Samsung model (though don’t they all look the same anyway?) than for sheer value for money.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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