Amazon Kindle Fire 2 coming in the second half of the year alongside new 10-inch model

With the new iPad being announced yesterday, the rumor mill has shifted its attention to the next biggest contender in the tablet space – Amazon. Its Kindle Fire tablet has clearly become the second best selling in the US after Apple’s.

So now that iPad-related rumors get a break (probably only for just a few days though), here we have newly rumored info about the next Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire 2 will apparently still sport a 7-inch touchscreen and will arrive in the second half of this year. But it won’t come alone. Alongside it Amazon will also launch a 10-inch tablet, after ditching previous plans of having an 8.9-incher on the market. The 10″ Kindle Fire (or whatever it will end up being called) will also be in stores in the second half of this year.

Given that vague time frame, we should probably expect these tablets to go on sale right before the famous holiday shopping season, just like the original Kindle Fire did.

The 10-inch model comes as a reaction from Amazon to the Kindle Fire’s success. The company sold an estimated 3.98 million units of the Kindle Fire in the fourth quarter of 2011, for a 14% market share. As a consequence, Amazon seems to have shifted its priorities from dedicated e-book readers to tablets. That means that the Kindle line may get ignored a bit in the future compared to its tablet relatives. Amazon has reportedly already cut its orders for the e-ink displays inside e-book readers.

The 10-inch Kindle Fire is expected to be made by Quanta and Foxconn.

Via DigiTimes

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Sassigal

    Too bad. They are ignoring the e ink readers which differentiate amazon and are truly winning products in favor of a mediocre tablet that Is third rate at best. Misguided. A real loss for Amazon ebook customers.