Asus-made Google Nexus tablet to arrive in May. 7″ display, $199-249 price

Despite it not being called Google Play (that’s the new Android Market), the famous Nexus tablet is real, yet another report claims. And we tend to agree, since there are so many rumors about it now. Much like with Apple’s iPad, when the first few rumors came through, there was a chance they were just some people’s imaginations running wild. But with virtually a rumor every week now, there must be some truth to this.

So here’s what DigiTimes is saying about the Nexus tablet today. Like we heard before, it will be made by Asus and will have a 7-inch touchscreen. Its price will be $199 or $249 (presumably they’re still trying to get it down – or it will be launched in two storage capacity versions).

Seen here is an Asus MeMO 7″ Android tablet – this is not the Nexus tablet

The Nexus tablet could be unveiled as early as May (or as late as… no one knows). It will obviously aim to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire (hence the price point), but, indirectly, perhaps also with the iPad.

Apparently before choosing Asus for the job, Google had also been in talks with both HTC and Acer to make the Nexus tablet. Though they didn’t reach an agreement because HTC didn’t want to “impair its brand image” by selling a low-cost tablet, and Acer didn’t have in-house R&D capabilities.

Asus, on the other hand, seems to have been the perfect partner for this project. The company hopes that this partnership will help it establish its brand on the US tablet market, and it should also learn a thing or two about software development after working so closely with Google. So a win-win, it would seem, as Asus is willing to go low-cost, and we assume it has the necessary R&D or it wouldn’t have been chosen.

So what happened to the rumored partnership with LG for the Nexus tablet from yesteryear? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time LG turned down something extremely lucrative, but we’ll probably never know. These things tend to stay secret.

Although it will clearly not have any chance in reaching iPad-level sales, a Nexus tablet, especially a cheap one, should finally establish Android as a tablet platform as well as a smartphone platform. That’s probably Google’s aim with this project. And if the Nexus tablet’s aggressive pricing will succeed in bringing down prices for other Android tablets, even better.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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