Asus Padfone gets preposterously priced in the UK

The Asus Padfone is a very good concept, though not without its shortcomings. The small battery inside the phone, for example. Its success may also get hampered by the price being asked for it. During MWC, I was told by an Asus rep that the price for the phone+tablet dock combo should be somewhere around £450 in the UK. And that’s a decent price, even compared to other high-end Android smartphones. And you’re basically getting two devices for the price of one.

However, £699.98 is anything but a good price for the Padfone. And unfortunately that’s exactly how much one retailer, FlagshipFones, is asking for it. Before you decide the Padfone isn’t worth another look from this point on, you should note that there are some caveats here.

The retailer itself admits that official pricing is yet to be confirmed. In other words, this price is what the guys over there think the Padfone should be sold for. That may or may not end up being in line with what Asus thinks. Hopefully not, and hopefully the numbers the rep I spoke to gave me weren’t this far from the truth. At this point though, I’m a bit skeptical about what this retailer has done.

See, online phone sellers do enjoy being the first to put up a listing for a new device, and get you to pre-order. Sometimes they do this with absolutely no idea about the device they’re listing, other times just with no official indication of the price. It’s all done to draw attention, understandably. Which is probably what this is. Yes, it made me curious – but I wouldn’t pre-order just yet. Wait for a few more listings to pop up, and, most important – wait for official word on pricing from Asus. Then, and only then make up your mind about whether the Padfone is worth it or not.

Via SoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Jur

    Its just their guess..? Lol. There isn’t even a storage-size defined for this price. If it costs €695,- for the screen and phone only this is an absolute no-go for me. Deal-Breaker.
    The Galaxy Nexus costs € 454. If the padfone specs are similar to the Nexus Specs, that would mean we will pay €240 for an empty-powerless tablet-screen. 

  • Anon

    The author of this article doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the wall. That website has had that posted as the price since before CES, and it is not correct. It isn’t a reputable site, and no other reseller has a price for it yet. Stop scaremongering and post accurate information. Don’t post an article because you haven’t written anything in a while and needed to get something out.

  • Anonymous


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