Google gets a patent for ringback adverts

If you’re one to be annoyed by automated advertising/marketing calls, Google thinks it has a better offer for you. And the USPTO seems to agree, as it’s just granted the Mountain View giant a patent on the matter.

Basically, Google has patented ringback adverts. That’s right, the company thinks (don’t we all?) that those automated calls are annoying and they can be bothersome. But Google, as the advertising company it is, doesn’t want telephone call ads to go away completely. Instead, it has thought of another way to go at it.

So, in Google’s vision, you’d receive adverts while waiting for someone (or some company) to pick up. Instead of hearing the ‘famous’ ringback sound, you’ll hear an ad. That way you don’t lose any additional time while listening to the ad, because you would have listened to something anyway. And since they’ll be replacing what’s probably the most boring tone in the world, the ads may even be interesting for you to listen to. At least if there won’t be too much repetition.

Google is obviously trying to make sure it has room to expand its advertising business even further, and at first glance this seems like a perfectly reasonable way of incorporating ads into phone calls, something we all do on a daily basis. Of course, for this to work Google will have to partner with carriers around the world. That said, many of those companies are hungry for some additional income, so this may come to your neck of the woods sooner than you’d imagine.

What do you think? Is this the future of audio advertising?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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