Nokia Lumia official launch in China is on March 28

If you were wondering when the first Nokia Lumia Windows Phone would launch in China, wonder no more. The date is March 28, and it comes straight from Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO.

It’s still unclear how many devices will be released on that day though. According to recent certifications obtained from the relevant Chinese authorities, Nokia has a Lumia 719C (a 710 variant) and a Lumia 800C headed to China Telecom, as well as the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 for China Mobile or China Unicom. The former of those would make the most sense, since Nokia has previously inked deals with both China Telecom and China Mobile (the world’s largest carrier by subscriber count, with over 650 million customers).

The Nokia Lumia range didn’t launch in China earlier because there was still work to be done on Windows Phone localization. But now that the work is done, new Lumias in the future should become available in China around the same time they will roll out to other parts of the world. No more delays for the mainland.

The Chinese launch for the Lumia line may finally make its sales go up fast, like we anticipated earlier today. If that happens, Windows Phone itself will quickly gain market share. We’ll be here to let you know.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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