The new iPad unboxed in Vietnam. Comes with 1 GB of RAM, the same processor as the iPad 2

The new iPad will be in stores in the first batch of countries and territories this Friday, but it’s already received its first ever unboxing in Vietnam. So a video and many photos were obviously shot, showcasing Apple’s newest creation in all its glory. And in real life. For the first time, we get an up close and personal look at the actual tablet, and not some nice-looking press renders.

Not that it looks bad, mind you. Here it is in white:

This is an iPad with 4G LTE connectivity built-in alongside Wi-Fi.

Not content with just shooting some pictures and recording some video of the new iPad, the Vietnamese guys also quickly installed a benchmarking app. What that let them find out is that, as rumored, the new iPad comes with 1 GB of RAM. That’s double the amount in the iPad 2, and four times more than what was in the original iPad. Clearly, a lot more memory is needed to power those 3 million pixels on the screen, and to aid the quad-core graphics in rendering whatever it is you see on the display.

1 GB of RAM has been the de facto standard for Android tablets for a year now, but so far iOS managed quite adequately with half that. The Retina Display changed that though.

Another thing we suspected has also been confirmed. The processor inside the new iPad is the same one used in the iPad 2. Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about the CPU itself here. Graphics have been improved, and the GPU is now a quad-core affair. Yet despite the fact that Apple likes to tout that ‘quad-core’ buzzword everywhere, the fact is that the processor inside the new iPad is a dual-core 1 GHz unit – just like in the iPad 2.

And we assume the improved graphics are there again because of the crazy number of pixels that need to be rendered, so overall the performance of the new iPad should be very similar to that of the iPad 2. Don’t expect any earth-shattering differences.

Here’s that hands-on video for your viewing pleasure (and for your listening pleasure as well if you speak Vietnamese):

As you can see, the new iPad is a little bit thicker than the iPad 2 (which it’s compared to at one point). However, the difference is extremely small. The camera unit is also bigger in the new iPad, as you’d expect, but you’d be hard pressed to notice that unless you had both the new and the old iPad together.

Via Tinh te here and here

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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