New iPhone 5 will have LTE, suggests Verizon

Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone is expected to debut sometime in the third quarter of this year, or maybe even in the fourth quarter. Before its official unveiling, one of the most burning questions about it (besides “will it blend?”) is: will it have LTE connectivity?

According to WSJ / Dow Jones, Verizon Wireless is suggesting that it will. Reportedly, the largest US mobile carrier stated that from now on it would only introduce smartphones that work on its 4G LTE network. And since Apple will certainly bring the new iPhone to Verizon, voila – this has to be LTE-capable.

Sure enough, LTE connectivity would not be a surprising feature for the new iPhone. After all, the new iPad has it. And, well, most (if not all) new high-end handsets introduced in the US lately do come with LTE.

LTE aside, the upcoming iPhone should feature a quad-core processor, redesigned unibody aluminum case, and enhanced antenna system. But these are just rumored features, so don’t bet on them just yet.

It remains to be seen if Apple decides to call the device “iPhone 5”, as largely expected, or not. It may very well call it the new iPhone. Although that would be even dumber than naming the new iPad the way it did (i. e. “the new iPad”). Oh, Steve, why did you have to leave?

Author: Florin

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