Nokia Lumia 800C prices already cut by China Telecom, though it’s not even available yet

China Telecom has already cut its prices for the Nokia Lumia 800C, even if that smartphone has yet to be launched.

Nokia’s set to release its first Windows Phones in China on March 28. The Finnish company obviously has high hopes for its new smartphones on the Chinese market, yet it appears that China Telecom may disagree.

China Telecom is one of two big Chinese carriers (the other being China Mobile) with which Nokia has recently signed agreements for smartphone sales. China Telecom is getting ready to launch two Nokias this month, the Lumia 719C and the Lumia 800C. They are essentially CDMA versions of the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 (though why the name change in the case of the former is unclear).

China Telecom has already slashed the price for the Lumia 800C down to 3,899 yuan (that’s about $616 or €472) sans contract, from the 4,899 ($774 or €593) yuan it was initially supposed to go for. That’s quite a dramatic price cut for a phone that isn’t even in stores yet.

Furthermore, China Telecom will increase subsidies and offer the Lumia 800C with monthly plans that are as low as 19 yuan ($3, €2.3).

Of course, the price cuts could have nothing to do with China Telecom not believing in Lumia’s success in China – on the contrary even. The carrier may just want to sell even more of these devices and it knows cutting prices will help it reach that goal.

Nokia’s Lumia line will enter the Chinese market right after HTC’s Triumph, which was the first Windows Phone to make it to the mainland.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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