New iPad overheating problems reported

Apple’s new iPad went on sale this Friday, on March 16. Demand for it is huge, this making the Cupertino company unable to ship current orders right away. At the moment, orders are being shipped “in 2-3 weeks”.

If you consider buying a new iPad, too, you should first hear this: over at the official Apple Support forums, there are many users reporting that the new tablet has overheating issues. Most of those who are signaling problems say that the new iPad (both the LTE and WiFi-only versions) gets “uncomfortably warm” on the bottom left side after being used for a short period of time (less than an hour).

You can read all the reports here (for now there are 12 pages full of posts from slightly disappointed iPad owners).

Apple has not officially confirmed any overheating issues with the new iPad. But I guess it will pretty soon, since more and more users are posting on its official forums about the problem.

Author: Florin

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  • falseidguy

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    history of delivering faulty and dangerous gadgets and computers to the public.
    Just 10 years ago the G4 Titanium and Aluminum PowerBooks literally BURNED
    owners laps with 1st and 2nd degree burns!! The early MacBooks and MacBook Pros
    were also nearly as overly hot!  Then
    there was the spate of G3 PowerBooks that were too hot and fried power
    converters AC/DC and all the local school districts remember the G3 and G4
    iBooks debacle (I was IT consultant at one) where they had a 23% repeated
    failure rate of LogicBoards FRYING on this laptops!! Later MacBooks  and MacBook Pros had a uncommonly high rate
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    There were CrApple PowerBooks in the 90’s that
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    well the notorious Blue/White G3 PowerMacs caught fire with faulty power
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    Windows PC’s! G5 Power Macs had cooling fans so loud that they sounded like a
    737 taking off and power supplies STILL failed. iPods have always had a history
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    CrApple has still NOT made restitution to 1st Gen iPod owners for a lost
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