Vietnam wants to impose SIM card ownership limits. No more than… 18 SIMs/person

Vietnam has had it with inaccurate subscriber counts for mobile networks. Hence, the country is set to impose a limit on how many different SIM cards each person can have.

However, in a rather funny twist, that limit will be 3 SIMs per person per network. Since there are six mobile networks over there, the theoretical total adds up to a pretty insane 18 SIM cards per person.

In most of the ‘Western’ (or ‘developed’) world, many people are used to having more than one SIM. Even in some developing countries people carry more than one SIM, because often times calls within the same network are cheaper than calls to other networks. Plus some also have mobile data plans for tablets or laptops. Yet why you’d carry 3 different SIMs on the same network is beyond me – not to mention who’d really want eighteen SIMs.

There’s also going to be a limit of 100 SIM cards for corporate users, which may have more immediate effects. Although the original report in VietNam News doesn’t say, I’m assuming that’s 100 SIMs per operator. Still, many companies in Vietnam probably have more than 100 employees, so that may turn out to be a real problem.

The limits haven’t been formally imposed yet, but the Ministry of Information and Communications seems intent on passing them into law as soon as possible.

Via cellular-news

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Tim

    The reason why people purchase a bunch of SIM cards is because there are periods when carriers give bonus credit. When you buy a new sim lets say for 100,000 VND, they will give you bonus credit of 50% – 100% for the new SIM. Therefore instead of adding credits to their existing SIM they would purchase a new SIM to get their bang for the Dong (Vietnamese currency).