LG plans to ship 35 million smartphones this year, 8 million with LTE

LG’s had a bad year in 2011. That’s not necessarily to do with actual sales numbers. After all, LG’s smartphone shipments grew three times compared to 2010. But, at the same time, its market share halved and the company reported losses. That just tells you how insanely fast the entire market is growing.

LG started 2012 with a myriad of phone announcements, and the company fully expects to recover throughout this year, and perhaps even gain some market share.

To do that, LG wants to sell 35 million smartphones this year, which would be about 50% more than in 2011. The company also projects sales of more than 8 million LTE-capable devices during 2012. Most of those will be to the US, Canada, and LG’s native South Korea, we expect, since LTE networks aren’t developed in many other parts of the world at the moment.

Which makes the 8 million number even more interesting. So we’re thinking we should expect a few LTE smartphone announcements from LG sooner rather than later. The LG Viper for Sprint is clearly one of them.

Helped by a better performance of its TV division as well, LG Electronics looks like it’s going to have a pretty good year.

Via The Korea Times, statistics via Communities Dominate Brands

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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