Windows Phone now outsells Symbian in the UK, Nokia Lumia 800 helped a lot

Since Nokia unveiled Windows Phone as its new main smartphone platform in early 2011, it was obvious that Symbian sales would fall even faster than they did until that moment.

Now, in the UK, for the first time in history, Symbian’s market share is so low that even Windows Phone is above it. And we all know WP is far from being a top OS lately.

According to a study made by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Symbian’s market share in the UK has dropped to 2.4% from 12.4% in February 2011. Meanwhile, Windows Phone’s market share rose from 0.5% (February last year) to 2.5%. Reportedly, the Nokia Lumia 800 – pictured below – currently accounts for about 87% of Windows Phone sales in the UK, hence being the most successful WP device in the country.

As for the market leaders, these are, unsurprisingly, Android (48.5% – up from 37.8% a year ago) and Apple’s iOS (28.7%, up from 22.7% a year ago). BlackBerry OS is on the third position, like last year, despite losing market share (17.1%, down from 24.4%).

Symbian as a brand doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s now called Nokia Belle, and the latest smartphone to come with it is the Nokia PureView 808, which has an impressive 41MP camera (although I don’t think this will help it become a hot seller).

Via Cellular-news, RegHardware

Author: Florin

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