Asus wants to become leader in non-Apple tablets, says its Transformers are protected by patents

While Apple’s iPad is undoubtedly the best-selling tablet ever, things aren’t that clear when we’re talking about Android-only tablets . There are quite many important manufacturers that have released Android tablets, including Samsung, Motorola, Asus, Acer, HTC, and LG. Can any of them rise above the rest, sales-wise? Well, maybe.

According to China Times, Xu Youjia, Asus’ global vice president, recently mentioned that the company’s goal is to become the first brand in non-Apple tablets. The company will obviously leverage on its Transformer tablets, and likely also on the fact that it’s making the first Nexus tablet for Google.

Xu Youjia also suggested that competitors wouldn’t want to launch Android tablets similar to the Transformer models, because they’re protected by patents. Despite this, Lenovo has already announced a relatively similar tablet – the IdeaPad S2, which, like the Transformers, has an accompanying docking keyboard.

At the moment, Asus has four different Transformer tablets, the latest being the quad-core Transformer Prime Infinity 700 (pictured above), which runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and features a 10.0 inch full HD (1920 x 1080) display.

Author: Florin

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