Smugglers use special bags to bring Apple’s new iPad to China

Apple launched its new iPad last week, on March 16, but for now the tablet is available in just ten markets: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Those living in other countries will have to wait a bit more to get their hands on the device in an official way.

But there are other, unofficial ways that can get you an iPad. Two Chinese men have tried to illegally bring new iPads to mainland China from Hong Kong. Benefiting from the fact that the tablet is quite thin (although not as thin as the previous model), the men used special bags with double pockets to hide the device and smuggle them across the border. One of the men was caught with two new iPads valued at 6,500 Chinese yuan (about $1,030 – so they were probably 16GB WiFi-only versions).

The new iPad is a really hot product, both figuratively, as it’s been sold in more than 3 million units in the first week-end, and literally – since it gets significantly warmer than the iPad 2 in normal usage.

MyDrivers, the Chinese website that reported about the new iPad smugglers, doesn’t say exact what happened to them. But I don’t think they’re too happy right now.

Author: Florin

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