Nokia Lumia 800C review posted, then removed ahead of tomorrow’s China launch. Hands-on pics galore

As you probably already know if this isn’t your first visit to Unwired View, the Nokia Lumia 800C will be announced tomorrow. It will be a version of the Lumia 800 made especially for China Telecom, the third biggest carrier over there. It will be launched as part of Nokia’s big Windows Phone push in China, with which the Finnish company hopes to regain some of its lost market share.

The fact that this device hasn’t even been announced yet hasn’t stopped from publishing a hands-on review post of the yet-unreleased Windows Phone at this link. However, at some point that post has been taken offline, probably at Nokia’s or Microsoft’s request. While it’s bound to resurface tomorrow, or soon after the official event, luckily for you we have loads of pictures saved from that review. Here’s a taste:

As you can see, the Lumia 800C is basically just a Lumia 800 with localized Windows Phone OS and CDMA support for China Telecom’s network. The hardware seems to be pretty much identical to that of its internationally-selling sibling.

As for the software, Microsoft’s extensive localization efforts for the Chinese market have created a pretty beautiful outcome (not that WP was ugly to begin with). Local services are available, yet for now just in app form, and not integrated into the People Hub.

Although Xbox Live won’t officially be available in China, signing in with an international Live ID, even on a WP device bought in China, will activate Xbox Live. Here you can see what are probably the first  ever hands-on pictures to show Xbox Live on a Chinese Windows Phone:

Stay tuned for our coverage of Nokia’s official introduction of its first Windows Phones in China tomorrow.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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