White Motorola RAZR finally arrives in the UK on March 29

The white version of the Motorola RAZR that’s selling in the UK was supposed to go on sale either on February 22, or March 1 – depending on who you asked. Suffice to say that neither of those dates turned out to be the real release date for this model. If you want to pick one up, the wait is almost over though.

The white Motorola RAZR will be available SIM-free and unlocked from Clove starting on March 29. So in just a few days, you’ll be able to play with your very own white RAZR. Of course, to be sure that you’ll be among the first to receive it, pre-ordering is a good idea. You can do that by just going to Clove right now.

The price being asked is £382.80, VAT included, and the device even comes with a pair of free folding speakers (apparently a £20 value).

Aside from the new paint job (which, as you can see, doesn’t even cover the whole handset), there’s nothing different about this RAZR compared to its black sibling. So this is clearly one for those who are in love with white.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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