Proview threatens to go after the new iPad if Apple tries to launch it in China

Proview is a Chinese monitor and TV maker than owns the iPad trademark in China. It has recently sued Apple trying to stop sales of all the Apple iPads in China, as well as get $1.6 billion in damages from the Cupertino company. Proview isn’t in a great situation at the moment, financially speaking, which may be one of the main causes for the lawsuit. Apple has claimed that it had licensed the trademark from one of Proview’s subsidiaries, yet Proview says that the subsidiary in question dealt with Apple without consent from the HQ.

The lawsuit is currently still going on in China, and all we know for now is that a counter-lawsuit filed by Apple in China was dismissed.

In the meantime, Apple is getting ready to launch the new iPad in China. Most rumors point to an April release at the earliest. So what does Proview think about that?

Well, it’s obviously not happy. And has vowed to do anything it can to prevent the new iPad from being sold in the mainland. That includes seizing shipments at customs (if a court decides so, of course), or suing Apple again if necessary. Proview has even submitted an application to the relevant authorities to block the transport of the new iPad through mainland China – from the factories it’s made in to the customs on its way out of the country. However, so far there’s been no official response on the issue.

Some speculate that Apple CEO Tim Cook’s strange and secretive visit in China (that’s taking place right now) might have something to do with him trying to settle the iPad trademark case. Yet Proview officials say they did not arrange to meet with Cook. So the only option is that during his meeting with Beijing state officials, Cook asked them to intervene somehow on Apple’s behalf. Of course, this is just speculation at this point.

The clear thing is that Proview will do everything it can to stop the new iPad from being sold in China, or even transported through China. And it wants Apple to pay up. How this will all end remains to be seen, and we’ll let you know when we find out.

Via China Times

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Rb

    Proview doesn’t own the IPad trademark. If it did Apple would have never used it. Another attempt to distort the truth to extort money. Sad