AT&T HTC One X may arrive on May 6

AT&T’s LTE-enabled version of the HTC One X (which is known elsewhere as the One XL) could arrive in stores on May 6, according to the latest leak on the matter.

Best Buy has been taking pre-orders for the smartphone ever since last month. And that particular retailer is where this rumor allegedly originated. See, the story goes that Best Buy sent a customer who pre-ordered a One X an email in which it said that the phone would be delivered on May 6. Of course we’re meant to believe that this was all a mistake on Best Buy’s part (publicizing the date, not the date itself). Whether that’s so or not is impossible to tell right now.

On the other hand, this could in fact be the first shipping estimation that we’ve had for AT&T’s One X. Back when pre-orders started (and until today), the retailer didn’t give anyone any hint about when they’d finally launch the handset. So May 6 could be it. There are still quite a few weeks to go until then, so we’re probably going to find out more about this pretty soon.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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