Google to sell Nexus tablets on its own

As you may already know, Google is getting ready to introduce a Nexus Android tablet this year.

We’ve recently heard that the first Nexus tablet would be manufactured by Asus.

And now The Wall Street Journal seems to confirm this. Moreover, the publication cites “people familiar with the matter”, saying that Google will sell the own-branded tablets directly, through an online store. This move would be similar to what Google has done in 2010, when it started selling the Nexus One smartphone online.

The WSJ is also reporting that Samsung will manufacture a Nexus tablet, too, although it’s not clear exactly when. Both Samsung (with it Galaxy Tabs) and Asus (with its Transformer series) are already quite successful in the Android tablet space.

(this is obviously not the Nexus tablet)

The Asus-made Google Nexus tablet could feature a 7 inch display and Android Jelly Bean, costing only $149.99. At this price, the device would be $50 cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle Fire, sold in millions of units since its debut back in November 2011. Of course, we must keep in mind that these are all just rumors for now.

Author: Florin

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