Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus now comes with free extended battery for new customers

If you get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Verizon contract until May 10, you’ll get a free extended battery and a new back cover to accommodate it.

The offer is only valid through Samsung Direct, and the price being asked for the phone is the same one you’ll find at Verizon: $299.99. You will have to sign a new two-year service agreement with Big Red, of course. And this offer is only valid for new customers.

You’re probably thinking that’s a great deal. Especially because Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus has LTE support, which is known to be heavy on the battery.

But this is anything but a good deal.

If you have nothing against signing a two-year contract with Verizon, and if you’re a new customer, there’s something way better for you over at Amazon.

First off, you can get the Galaxy Nexus from the well known retailer for just $99.99. And you can just purchase the extended battery pack separately. Prices start at $28.50, and for $33.50 you can get it from a seller with 100% positive ratings.

So, let’s say you go with that more expensive option. The grand total is going to be $133.49, which is amazingly $166.5 cheaper than what you’ll end up paying at Samsung Direct for the same two things.

Yes, it’s clever marketing to bundle something for ‘free’, but in this case, getting the extended battery for free means you’ll unnecessarily spend $166.5 more than you have to. Be advised, then.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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