LG LS831 is a Windows Phone headed to Sprint

LG clearly seems intent on launching some Windows Phones this year, after it stayed pretty much out of the game in 2011. Earlier today, we showed you the LG E740H, codenamed Miracle, which is on its way to Telus in Canada.

But what about the US? Well, luckily, LG has you covered. Especially if your carrier of choice is Sprint. An LG LS831 just passed through the rigorous testing over at the FCC, and it’s headed to the Now Network.

That’s because the LS831 supports 800 MHz CDMA, which only Sprint uses in the US, according to Phone Scoop. There’s also a document that was sent to the FCC called ‘Sprint Nextel Waiver’, further sealing the deal.

From what we were able to gather by looking at the above images (and through the docs that made it to the FCC), the LG LS831 will run Windows Phone (obviously), and it will have a 5 MP rear camera, a secondary front-facing camera for video calls, a 3.5 mm headset jack, a microUSB port, and Bluetooth support.

Hopefully Sprint and LG will announce this thing pretty soon, so we can give you all the official details. If they decide to take their time though, rest assured that leaks will start popping up regarding the LG LS831. Which, by the way, is just its model number. Sprint will surely decide to give it a proper name – we just don’t know what it is yet.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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