ZTE plans to ship 40 million smartphones this year

Huawei’s lofty goal of selling over 60 million smartphones this year isn’t the only big number thrown around about Chinese handset makers. DigiTimes reports that Huawei and ZTE are expected to reach nearly 100 million smartphone shipments this year. With Huawei’s sales coming in at 60 million, that leaves 40 million for ZTE.

Or 35-40 million units, according to “Taiwan-based makers of handset components”. These numbers would make for a combined market share for Huawei and ZTE of about 15% of the global smartphone market. In 2011, Huawei sold 16 million smartphones, and ZTE sold 11 million.

So these projected volumes for this year do represent an incredible jump compared to last year. But it’s not impossible. Both companies have announced interesting smartphones during MWC. Phones that, if aggressively priced, will surely manage to be sold in enough quantities that the two Chinese firms will reach these numbers.

That said, it’s not (yet) a done deal. We’ve been waiting for the Chinese handset makers to finally get comfortable about stepping out of their comfort zone (the Chinese market) for many years now, and year after year they talked the talk, but neglected to walk that walk. We’ll see if this year is going to be any different.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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