Instagram for Android is now available, the world goes crazy

OMG, stop the internets! Instagram for Android is now out! Go grab it from the Google Play Store!

Apparently this is big news. You probably had to be living under a rock today not to get hit by this amazing technological development.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, an iOS developer managed to port an app to Android.

Oh wait. That’s right, thousands of people have done it before Instagram.

What is it then? I know, I know. This is the first ever app for Android that allows you to turn your pictures into sick jokes from the 70s.

Umm, no. The only way you couldn’t destroy your pictures on Android until today was if you didn’t know how to use the Android Market/Play Store. See, there have been dozens of Instagram-alike apps lurking in there. For years.

Yes, you say, but none of those compares to Instagram! Oh, excuse me. So Instagram is the best at destroying your pictures with silly effects and filters? Okay. I’ll bite. The other apps are worse at destroying your pics then? As in, they destroy them less?

I fail to see the point of Instagram, although I do confess to having installed a couple of its -alikes on my Android devices over time. Played with for a minute, then forgot about them.

But apparently this Instagram craze is real. We’re all pro photographers now, with our smartphones. Pro photographers from the 60s. Actually, no. Even those guys would be embarrassed by this association.

Still, now you know. Instagram is out for Android.

A great prize awaits whoever can guess how many light years will take these devs to port this insanely complicated app to Windows Phone. Or any other platform, for that matter. Yeah. Right.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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