iPhone arrives at nTelos and Alaska Communications on April 20, $50 cheaper than at the big carriers

No, the iPhone still isn’t on T-Mobile. Also, current-gen models probably won’t ever be, thanks to the simple fact that they wouldn’t work with TMo’s HSPA network (bands are to blame).

That, however, didn’t stop Apple’s latest mobile darlings from making it all the way to nTelos and Alaska Communications. These are two regional carriers (the former operating in Virginia and the surrounding states) that you probably haven’t heard of until now.

Well, even they get to carry the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, following in the footsteps of small(ish) carrier C Spire. Neither nTelos nor Alaska Communications have anywhere near 1 million customers, but they’re clearly trying to attract some attention with this iPhone play. Good for them. At this point, it really seems like T-Mobile is the only carrier in the entire US that doesn’t have iPhones on offer, so that’s a problem for the magenta network.

Anyway, both nTelos and Alaska Communications have the same pricing listed for the iPhones (save for a one penny difference which we’ll ignore).

The iPhone 4S can be yours starting at $150 for the 16 GB model. Each bump in capacity is $100 more expensive, just as you’d expect. The iPhone 4 8 GB will be available for $50. The full details are available here for nTelos and here for Alaska Communications, in case you’re interested.

Both carriers will start their iPhone sales on April 20. So you do get some time to think about whether switching makes sense.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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